Goshen Ghosts

Goshen Ghosts

goshen, ny


Abandoned in Goshen New York, black charred soil of age old eruptions from Pine Island was home’s tread to many Farmers. With over-use of the land, soon the soil began to lose its pure goodness, and the land was flipped upside down causing many to leave in search of better earth. Many of the abandoned property’s were simply left behind, with all their things just as they were as if the owners had planned on returning. Television sets and old appliances still plugged in, food in the fridge, toys, tools, dishes on the table, these homes are still waiting for their owners to return.
The ancient soil of this area is buried with mystery as old as the ice ages. Over 40 Mastodons (Wooly Mammoths) have been unearthed in this area. Home to many Native tribes, now home to some of the finest New York winery’s. Although this valley is home to many, the view of Goshen New York has become nothing more than a quarry with an old folks home next to it with a nice view.

Ive written this in response to this weeks’ Weekly Challenge.12.10.13


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